Diving in Alor

Alor Divers and a healthy food choice

Warning: only read this if you care about the quality of food on your diving holiday Maybe you are deciding to take a diving holiday and you already have an idea about the destination. But you don’t spend all your time dipped in the water… So before booking your trip you probably study and compare the above water aspects of dive operators. Does quality of food play an important role for you? If yes, then let us explain why at Alor Divers we believe the food is of great quality and good for your health as well!

A winner of Annual Alor Divers Photo Contest 2015

Again we have a pleasure to announce the winner of our annual photo contest that was launched in 2010! This year many of our guests competed for the prize of 9 night stay at Alor Divers. Four portfolios were very good and there was a really tight run between the two of them. This years judge was Ludovic Galko, who is himself an experienced and passionate UW photographer.

Alor Divers house reef photo gallery

Our house reef is offering some really nice diving, even excellent when conditions are right! 10 years ago, when we were looking to settle in Alor, we felt lucky to be able to realize our dream plan on a superb land location with fringing reef in such a great condition.

Over 50 hammerheads circling divers for 10 min !!!

Incredible experience and probably the best action dive we ever made!!! We had around 50 hammerheads coming to our group of divers, circling them for over 10 minutes!!! Smaller bunch of hammers was so curious, they decided to take a really good look at bubble-makers and came within 5 meters, while the majority of them stayed at a discrete distance of 15 meters or so :o.

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