Fast review of diving lately…

To focus on pelagic first: a couple of Grey Reef Sharks plus Black Tips in Current Alley, Turtle (not plural 🙁 ) and a Giant Travellies, Napolian plus big Tuna at Bama Wall, a big Marble Ray in the south and the top of the tops: a school of 40 Hammerheads in Current Alley ! we had to descent to 50 mt to meet them but it was well worth it :-). We also had few encounters with Thresher Shark, that came to check us in the « shallows » of 15-20 mt! Whales are starting to migrate the Pantar Strait and are during this time -as every year- frequently passing just in front of the house reef

From pelagic to reef and muck:  the reef diving still with fantastic ambiance, lots of reef fish and great corals… Muck diving still very interesting with highlights like Rhinopias species (Weedy and Paddle Flap), frog fish, ghost pipe fish (Harlequin, Halimeda, robust), blue ring octopus,mushroom head pipefish, arrow head crab, solar powered nudi, winged pipe fish, Sea horse and other critters that divers are happy to see!

We will soon post few things about above water level activities and events!

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