Incredible critter diving in Kalabahi Bay !!!

I usually don’t like list or count of what i see underwater in a particular dive but today I could not resist. This was our first two tank dives in Kalabahi bay muck dive of the season :

Sea horses : 2 yellow, 1 black and 3 mix kind of brown color.

Rinopias: 2 yellow weedy scorpion fish

Cockatoo wasp fish : 3 of them

Devil scorpion fish: 4 of them

Wonderpus octopus

Flying gurnard

Ornate ghost pipe fish: 1 juvenile and 2 adult

Zebra crab: few of them

Reptilian snake eel

Reef stone fish : big guy at least 30 cm

Frog fish: 1 black giant painted, 1 yellow clown frog fish, 1 randall’s frog fish

Winged pipe fish

Fingered dragonet

Cute small cow fish: few of them

Cuttle fish: few of them

Baby mantis shrimp

Few quite rare Nudis…

Till next time…safe diving…

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