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Alor Divers and a healthy food choice

Warning: only read this if you care about the quality of food on your diving holiday Maybe you are deciding to take a diving holiday and you already have an idea about the destination. But you don’t spend all your time dipped in the water… So before booking your trip you probably study and compare the above water aspects of dive operators. Does quality of food play an important role for you? If yes, then let us explain why at Alor Divers we believe the food is of great quality and good for your health as well!

Farewell turtle hatchlings!

We are excited to announce that the first relocated turtle nest hatched two weeks ago. We have waited long enough to ensure all viable and healthy hatchlings crawled out of the nest before we dug up the remains of the nest to determine the hatching success rate. The count we got was as high as 75% !

Turtle conservation in Alor

In the world there are seven sea turtle species, six of which live in Indonesia: Green turtle (see a photo at the bottom) , Hawksbill turtle, olive ridley, leatherback turtle, flatback turtle and loggerhead sea turtle.The leatherback sea turtle is the largest (up to 2.75 meters length and 600 - 900 kilograms weight! ) and the olive ridley is the smallest, weighing around 50 kilograms.

Photo of renovated bungalow

Last 3 months we were full on with repairs and improvements of Alor Divers, getting ready for the 2014 season.One big focus was on improvement of the bungalows. As you can see on the photo below, floor is in tiles and there are new mosquito nets that encompass all the bed. We also have new "crisp" white sheets for all beds except the single ones (next year!) and new towels for everyone.

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