Over 50 hammerheads circling divers for 10 min !!!

Incredible experience and probably the best action dive we ever made!!!  We had around 50 hammerheads coming to our group of divers, circling them for over 10 minutes!!! Smaller bunch of hammers was so curious, they decided to take a really good look at bubble-makers and came within 5 meters, while the majority of them stayed at a discrete distance of 15 meters or so :o. Divers were « breathlessly » following the spectacle until they decided to leave the scene for a safety ascend !  Now [that] is something to talk about for months (if not years) to come 😉 !!!

Yes, we are already well into our 2014 season and action is not only with the big stuff. Muck diving in Kalabahi bay is as good as ever. This year we have also seen eagle rays and huge turtles on few occasions, as well as black tips. Diving is great and divers are happy 🙂

We hope this blog will inspire more diving enthusiasts who haven’t visited Alor yet, to come and discover this hidden jewel of diving 🙂 If Alor is on your 2014 list, don’t hesitate too long,  the places at Alor Divers are filling up fast 😉

Happy bubbles  ><)))°>  oO°

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