Pelagic and other encounters

Over 50 hammerheads circling divers for 10 min !!!

Incredible experience and probably the best action dive we ever made!!! We had around 50 hammerheads coming to our group of divers, circling them for over 10 minutes!!! Smaller bunch of hammers was so curious, they decided to take a really good look at bubble-makers and came within 5 meters, while the majority of them stayed at a discrete distance of 15 meters or so :o.

Fast review of diving lately…

To focus on pelagic first: a couple of Grey Reef Sharks plus Black Tips in Current Alley, Turtle (not plural 🙁 ) and a Giant Travellies, Napolian plus big Tuna at Bama Wall, a big Marble Ray in the south and the top of the tops: a school of 40 Hammerheads in Current Alley !

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