Photo of renovated bungalow

Last 3 months we were full on with repairs and improvements of Alor Divers, getting ready for the 2014 season.

One big focus was on improvement of the bungalows. As you can see on the photo below, floor is in tiles and there are new mosquito nets that encompass all the bed.  We also have new « crisp » white sheets for all beds except the single ones (next year!) and new towels for everyone.

The bungalows are also waiting to get a new piece of furniture – a smaller cupboard. Living in Indonesia for over 15 years we kind of dislike drawers and shelves with doors, BUT some of our guest would appreciate to store their « imported goodies » and other precious things away from the occasional cheeky « corn field squirrel », so we go with the flow : D .

We also have in work the pillows for bungalow chairs (the ones inside the room). We are kind of used to spartan life style, but decided to make it a bit softer for our guests whenever we can ;).

Can’t believe 3 months of break was not enough to get everything done!

There is also dozens of other  little improvements that we won’t list here, but believe us- after 8 years we are still trying to do our best for this little piece of paradise. You might think why we didn’t get some of those things « in order » years ago, but the ones who follow us from beginning surely witnessed we never stop to improve.

And everything has its turn – we set up Alor Divers with all we got at the time and [that] was limited. Since then we take every end of season a nice proportion of our earnings and « give it back to you » in form of  renovations and improvements. There is just a priority in « to do » list plus we always focus on « top suggestion » from our guests. Wow, we can’t imagine this place in few years time !  ; – )

You can see a photo of our new speed boat (not yet with roof canvas)  and a renovated restaurant (not yet prettily arranged with furniture :-P) in some of the older posts.

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